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Tarot is a tool for guidance and healing. It provides a connection to the energy within us and around us. The cards answer our questions and challenge us to better ourselves. Join me in my readings!

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My Typical Set Up

I thought that my first blog post would be all about sharing my tools. My typical set up obviously includes my cards. I use the Small Spells tarot deck by Rachel Howe. I fell in love with the simple, yet intricate drawings. It’s important to choose a deck that speaks to you. Your deck is your vehicle in the world of tarot! I always use crystals in my readings, They keep you grounded and radiate soothing energy. Tarot is very meditative, so the calming energy from crystals really elevates your readings. Lighting incense during readings can help cleanse your cards and provide healing energy. I use palo santo wood for the same reasons, and I mean have you ever actually smelled some of that stuff? It smells like a family of fairies. 10/10 would recommend. My favorite tool that I use is The Wild Unknown spirit cloth by Kim Krans. It’s a beautifully designed fabric that helps you layout 8 different spreads. The illustrations spoke to me just like my tarot deck did. The cloth also comes with a small book to teach you each reading! The spirit cloth helps you grow as a tarot reader because you get to practice different spreads. Lastly, I always include candles in my readings because they just make everything more magical, so why not?

Taking Notes

I think that it’s really important to take notes of your readings for many reasons. If you’re studying tarot like me, taking notes can be a great method for helping you learn the cards. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, that’s a lot of cards to memorize. Trust me, you’ll want to take notes. Having notes of your readings is also great for personal growth use. Your readings truly guide you through life, so your tarot notes are pretty much a magical diary. It’s useful to go back to older spreads and gain insight from a time in your past that could help influence your present for the better. I use a Grimoire tarot journal. The cover is black with a beautiful gold illustration. It honestly looks like something that a witch would own. The pages are small, but I find it to be the perfect size. The first few pages offer a small explanation of tarot. This is followed by a few more pages filled with spreads for you to do. My favorite part about this journal is the page that explains repeating numbers in the deck. I find this information to be fascinating. My handwriting is sloppy, as are my notes. Despite the mess, I can understand them perfectly. I always date my entries because I prefer to have a dated log that I can refer back to. I title each entry with the name of the spread, and then record all the cards that were dealt. I draw a box around each card because I’m a visual person. Seeing the recognizable card shape in my notes really helps me stay organized. I write down meanings of cards and how they relate to the spread at hand. Everyone is different. Take notes however you want to take notes. Do whatever works best for you! You’ll find the right tarot note layout after getting some practice recording your readings. There aren’t enough words to describe the immaculate feeling of running your fingers through a notebook completely full of your own heartfelt writings.


Photo by Karlee Montgomery

Photo by Karlee Montgomery

Using Your Voice

Doing personal tarot readings is a high form of self care. Giving readings to others is a great gift. I believe the most powerful thing that you can add to your spreads is your voice. Your words are your magic. As you give others their readings, it is essential to share deep conversation. The energy from this impacts your outcome. When I give readings, I start by telling the individual to put their hands on the deck. I explain that they’re transferring their personal energy into the cards. If I have music playing, I tell them to close their eyes. I recommend any slow music with no words because it will allow the individuals mind to focus while their hands are on the deck. It is vital that you articulate all parts of the reading. Helping your guest understand why you lit a certain candle, or why you placed a card in a certain direction has a lot of impact. I ask the individual what their question is. Each reading is a question. We all have a question and we seek the answer when we come to the cards. Once the cards are dealt, things start to get very interesting. Continuing to communicate with your guest throughout the reading with each step will make for a better reading. I explain the meanings of the cards, and get to know how they relate to the individuals life. Pictured is me referencing The Wild Unknown tarot guidebook by Kim Krans while I was giving a friend a reading. I have a growing collection of tarot books that I refer back to with each spread. I share the pages and knowledge with whomever I’m reading. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, everyone is different. We all have our own personality, and that makes every tarot reader different. We all add something special to the reading. We all grow as people. When I first started reading tarot, I was incredibly awkward. The first time I gave my boyfriend a reading, I was so nervous that my voice was shaking. The more you practice giving readings, the more comfortable you will get. You begin to find a flow and rhythm. There’s a witch in all of us!